Simple Ideas D.A.D.E Holesaw Dust & Debris Eliminator – 091077


Simple Ideas D.A.D.E Holesaw Dust & Debris Eliminator – 091077

The DADE was designed by an electrical contractor, for an electrical contractor. We all know what mess is made when we are cutting into the ceiling with a hole saw to install a downlight. We don’t have enough hands to hold a hoover there to collect the dust and debris, and we don’t always have someone else to stand there with the hoover. So the only option is to make a mess and then have to hoover up afterwards wasting valuable working time. That’s why the DADE is perfect for jobs when you are drilling vertically because it catches all the unnecessary mess caused from drilling into the ceiling.

You simply fit it between the hole saw and the drill chuck. It has two patent pending debris collecting channels that when the hole is being cut the debris stay in these channels, stopping the debris and dust from escaping down the drill spindle and on to the user and surroundings.


  • 15mm Hole for Drill Bit
  • Self levels on drill to enable one-handed operation
  • Ideal for downlighter installation and ceiling fixings
  • Reduces hours spent on cleaning up
  • Reduces exposure to airborne debris whilst drilling
  • Drill & Holesaw Not Included
  • The DADE will work with hole saws up to and including 120mm

How to assemble the D.A.D.E – Watch Video

How to use the D.A.D.E – Watch Video

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