Runpotec RUNPOSTICKS Comfort – 19 parts – RUN10020


 Available: 1 – 3 Working days Delivery

The RUNPOSTICKS are ideal for following application: drop ceilings, cavity walls, shafts – generally every working situation without installed pipes. Because of the new basalt technology the bending radius from every stick is extremely high although the sticks keep shape. The RUNPOTEC connection threads are pressed and glued, made of stainless steel so there is no rust anyway, and no abutting edges also to avoid hang in somewhere during work. With the high quality magnet you can lift items (tools, screws) up to 2,5 kg. The ballchain is 0,5 m long and enables in combination with the magnet to search/find exactly the right hole in the wall. Especially if there is only a small gap/shaft or a little hole it is a lot easier and faster to work with ballchain and magnet! Don’t use the ballchain for cable pulling! RUNPOGLIDER with swivel can be used for pushing and pulling! Eyelet with the ring can be used for pushing and pulling. When working in drop ceilings barriers at a height of 8,5 cm are no problem anymore because of the new special sliding hook with tilting function, with the red ring from the sliding hook it is also possible to rotate left or right as it is shown on our video. The light ON time and luminous power of the screwed LED lamp is very high, it is extremely impact resistant and comes standardly with a triple AAA Duracell battery.
Comfort packet: contains 10 sticks -every stick is 1 metre long and all of the spare parts can be screwed on every stick – special sliding hook (tilting function), LED lamp, ballchain, magnet, small hook, connecting piece with outside threadings, eyelet with ring, RUNPOGLIDER with swivel.
Standard packet: The same as comfort but WITHOUT sliding hook and LED lamp, for a lower price. The carrying bag is with zip and shoulder strap where all spare parts are properly packed..


STICKS Ø 4,5 mm/yellow  2 pieces  bending behavior (soft) – tension load – 200 kg
STICKS Ø 5,5 mm/black  3 pieces  bending behavior (medium) – tension load – 240 kg
STICKS Ø 6,5 mm/red  5 pieces  bending behavior (hard) – tension load – 270 kg
SLIDING HOOK  1 pieces  managed barriers up to 6,5 cm height
LED-LAMP  1 pieces  very high luminosity, shockproof, AAA Duracell battery
RUNPOGLIDER  1 pieces  patented viewfinder top with extrem bending radius     
MAGNET  1 pieces  very strong magnet – holds up to 2,5 kg
BALL CHAIN Ø 4,5 mm  1 pieces  for targeted performing at various wall openings
EYE WITH RING  1 pieces  additional ring for cable
SNAP HOOK  1 pieces  for catch of cables and wires
CONNECTION THREAD  1 pieces  connecting piece with outside threadings
STORAGE BAG  1 pieces  with storage for all the accessories and shoulder strap


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